Lots of people today call themselves Christian.

* Some like the benefits.
* Some attempt to hedge their bets regarding their future.
* Some are content with popular sentiments and scriptural selectivity
* Some churches seem caught in the latest reality show and measure their success by how many members they collect.

The truth is that claiming Christ is not a guarantee that one is Christian.
Claiming Christ was written to highlight biblical Christianity.

It is offered as a scriptural guide towards safe harbor. It tightens the anchor points so that we can endure the deceptive storms that threaten our faith and recognize those enticing words that make our natures smile but leave our souls wounded.

In the book,
Claiming Christ in the 21st Century, author Kevin Graham will invite you back to the biblical foundations to see what God identifies as valid faith. Finding Identity in the Fine Print is about ensuring that our faith is rightly established upon the fullness of the scriptural gospel rather than just random samplings of sand.

Those who take their faith seriously are encourged to use this study guide to confirm their claim of Christ. This book can be read on its own or used as a bible study for groups who are not afraid to be challenged by the breath of God.

An entire section is devoted to Dietrich Bonhoeffer's altar call for "costly grace".

Come filter out the stigmatism of cheap grace and step into the light of what Scripture confirms as the meaning of dwelling
in him.

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Isa 2:2-5
Claiming Christ
in the 21st Century

Finding Identity in the Fine Print
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Kevin Graham, Christian Author
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Claiming Christ - Building faith on the Rock