Heart Strings is a 1956 Mini Tug.

It was built in southern Oregon by L.S.Baier Company
as a powerful, 16' mini tug, log pusher, to aide the
river transport and moving of the mighty lumber industry.

The entire hull and deck are thick steel, displacing some 3.5 tons, with jagged teeth on the bow for gripping logs, and formerly a large rope knot bumper high front and center. The original red cabin snuggly fits a pilot and a deck hand, with controls that operate double inline rudders, a powerful winch, a directional spot light, as well as an engine driven water cannon (when restored).

The stout little tug boasts a geared-down Marine 318 gasoline engine that is cooled by a unique double-walled hull bladder spread under the engine. Dillon's favorite parts are the dually exhaust stacks on either side of his new digs.

Once the safety and completed repairs are finished, Heart Strings will tug about in the Puget Sound marine harbors of Washington State and many of its inland lakes. At that point, Dillon will participate in local boat shows, parades, and specialty events on the water for the purpose of expanding his own social and developmental abilities, helping others recognize that autism can be lived through with dignity, and to share his faith in a better future for everyone.

If you spot him on the waterways, give him a toot and a wave. He might even have some life-savers to hand out (if he hasn't devoured them himself first).

If you get close enough, you might even enjoy a squirt of sea water from the tugs operational water canon.
The Heart and Guts of
Heart Strings