The Saga of
Mutiny is the act of rejecting the established
captain by the combined will of the crew.

That is what humanity did to Jesus. The crew never
appoints their own captain. That role is filled by the
owner of this grand blue sphere we are all riding upon, and God has annointed Jesus as Lord of all.

Because of my sins, I have mutinied against Jesus and contributed to my Captain being crucified. But, he was raised back to life and is willing to pardon me, if I admit my rebellion and again submit to him as my trusted Captain.

That is the Christian gospel to all who discover their anchor has lost its hold.

Why should you consider accepting Jesus as the Captain of your vessel?
• He is the best lifesaver
• He alone can navigate you to safety
• He can calm all your storms
• If you spring a leak, he can enable you to walk on water
• He knows more about your vessel than you do
• No other captain knows the destination
• When things get difficult, he can raise you from the deep
• No pirates can prevail against him or his crew
• All other crews are destined to strike the reef
• He not only desires to be your Captain, he also loves you