The only way this dream has even a chance of getting off the pillow and onto the high seas, is by the combined love and support of generous spirits.

Dillon has been blessed in this adventure with continual waves of support to help him reach his dream of becoming a tug captain.

This page can never record all the generous support donated to Dillon's personal development, let alone to this dream. Many have donated money, others words of encouragement, some advice, and even materials. Behind the scenes, he has been prayed for, and received anonymous contributions.

This page is about giving credit where due. Thank you all, from the depths of our hearts, for everything. You are a real part of this dream, and it will forever be recognized and honored.

The Wave Machine
Special mention needs to also be given to the crew of guys who did such amazing work on bringing this mini tug back into operational shape. Thanks to Bud, who cut a deal in selling me this boat, and who previously had operated it on his own marina. Thanks to Curt and his crew of buddies, who restored this 1956 work horse, and who went way out of their way to make sure the boat and trailer were ready to go. There are real hearts in the most unlikely places!

The Lord
Dillon's family
Don & Alma Curry
Sam & Joice Dunkin
Karen Feller
Kim Wright
Gary & Loretta Goff
Scott & Andrea Unger
Great G Dittmar
Mary & Chris Holm
Jan Lewis
In memory of:
Great G&G King
Dan & Ann Frazier
Ron Montgomery
G & G Dittmar
Shannon Poulin