Wineskins: A Study of How Biblical Covenants Reveal the Divine Plan of Creation in Christ.

God expected Adam to name animals and avoid eating from a particular tree. He told Noah to build a massive boat. Abraham was instructed to become a wandering nomad and even sacrifice his own son. Mary was honored by birthing the Son of God and Peter was invited to walk on water. But what about you? What does God expect from you?

Wineskins was written to help answer that question.

The bible details numerous divine covenants -- agreements that define expectations God has with his creation.

Author Kevin Graham will take you on a scriptural tour of over a dozen divine covenants and show how they each reveal the Creators plans for humanity. He will also show you the dangers inherent in mixing into our lives aspects of both the Old Covenant and modern culture as Christians.

The principle role of the New Covenant will be used as the spiritual filter in reviewing such major topics as wealth accumulation, Sabbath observance, tithing, legalism, and prophecy interpretation. Even the Ten Commandments will be considered through the lens of the Cross.

Order your copy today. Whether a new believer or one with a library of classical resources, every reader will discover a new and powerful testimony to the centrality of Christ through the pages of Wineskins.
Isa 2:2-5
Your understanding of this directly benefits your ability to worship in spirit and in truth.
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Grasping the New Covenant
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Practical Theology
Wineskins: God's contract with you