Isa 2:2-5
Truth Be Told: Blinded By the Light. 4
Truth Be Told: The Hinge Point of Revelation. 3
Truth Be Told: That Which Rightly Reflects. 2
Defining Truth according to Scripture:
Truth Be Told: The Backdrop to Meaning. 1
At the Intersection of Intent and Desire - Is it possible for God to NOT get what he wants?
Will of God
Trusting Your Bible
Translation Trust: Believing what your Bible says. 1 of 2
Translation Trust: Believing what your Bible says. 2 of 2
Pauline Theology and the Synagogue of Satan - Do Bible writers have different Theologies?
In Context: Smoked Opinions (1)
In Context: Dipping into the Well of Truth (2)
In Context: Strip Teasing the Layers (3)
Interpreting Scripture
Bible Blues: Why Trust an Old Book?
Practical Theology: Living Relevant in a Decadent World - Informing our Theological Study of God through obedience
Theology, Ideology
Essentials of Faith - The make or break lines of Eternity: The problem of defining core doctrines
Stripped Naked: Clothing at the Cross - The Jesus plus nothing ideology
Prayer Problems: When God Refuses to Answer
The Principal Principle: A sliding Scale of Value
Why Does New Covenant Scripture sometimes Judge by Works?
Grace and Works (see also Winskins' study)
Biblical View of Self and God
Godly Fear: The Key to Everything
Blogging by Book:
Wineskins' study (56)
Claiming Christ study (59)
Discovering Repentance - tba
Assurance of Salvation: Peter's Perspective
When Christians Don't Get It [Paul/James re: Faith&Works]
Empty W rds
Scripture as Narration Misses the Mark - Is Scripture a Grand Story
Select Articles from the Blog
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Practical Theology
Living Different from the World
Direction of Pleasure - A commentary on Worship and Entertainment
Immersion Therapy
Cold Love In The Face of Global Warming
But God Knows My Heart
Cope Dope or Hope - Dealing with difficulties in life
Conflict - A How To Guide
Fortune Telling Fruits
Christian Hypocrisy
Footprints on the Trail of Life
The Price For Fitting In
It Is God's Will - or is it?
God Wills It - Revelation or Rot
Freedom Clouds
Cataracts of the Mind
The Work of Christ In Me - The greatest response to the Gospel : Repentance
The Gospel
Setting Your Anchor on the Gospel (1 of 3)
Mapping the Church Commission: Defining (1 of 6)
Be a Brother, my brother
Knowing with Certainty
Truth Transcends