Kevin Graham
Kevin enjoys sharing his faith in Jesus. As an active member of the Christian laity, he has served overseas as a missionary in the Middle East, preached from local pulpits, housed numerous refugees from Eastern Europe and war-ravaged parts of Africa, organized hundreds of volunteers in a variety of service projects, participated as an officer in community organizations like Rotary, and spent time assisting in rebuilding after the devastation of hurricane Katrina. He regularly encourages inmates from the Word of God in local prisons, teaches in Church, has led dozens of small groups, directed a small youth group for several years, and continually looks for opportunities to share the faith of Christ with those he works with, with strangers on the street, and pretty much anyone who might show an inkling of interest in the Truth.

As an author, his writing emphasizes practical theology as can be supported biblically. It places supremacy upon the Word of God as illuminated by the Spirit of God in order to understand the Will of God for the purposes of living in honor of God. He specializes in practical theology in terms of promoting the right application of Scripture in personal, collective, and corporate life.

Educationally, Kevin sustained high-honors through his double undergrad majors of Theology and Business from Ambassador University as well as in his completion of an MBA from City University. His personal testimony can be read in Wineskins under the final chapter heading of
Wrapped in Wineskins.
Isa 2:2-5
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