Isa 2:2-5
Lending a Hand
in Support of this Ministry
Just as Moses was unable to fulfill his calling by himself, so we too need fellow Christians who are willing to come along side us and hold our arms up in ministry.
Please consider how you could help support this effort to profess the gospel and actively disciple fellow believers.
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Topics include:
* Practical Theology
* Gospel Basics
* New Covenant Distinctions
* Infallibility of Scripture
* Biblical Claims of Christianity vs False Claims
* Gospel Messages Tailored for Prison Ministry
* Evangelism: Scriptural Testimonies
* Law to Grace
Invite others you respect to join you in support of this mission
We are all members of one body in need of each others help
You may have noticed that this ministry is not looking for your money
I am most interested in your participation
Join me in regularily sharing the gospel message with those in need
Sign up for prison ministry and learn to give hope to the desperate
Send copies of my books to others
Use the books as a platform to spark discussion of significant issues in our Christian faith
Commit to Praying that God will open doors and hearts to his words through this ministry
This is the most significant "hand" you could extend in support
Those who participate in support are also invited to hold me accountable to upholding Scripture in word and deed
Although born again of the Holy Spirit, I still retain a broken nature and therefore need your faithful support as the Body of Christ
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